Here’s How Savvy Investors Get Exclusive Access To WHOLESALE Properties (With Over $50K NET Profit) In ANY STAGE Of The Real Estate Cycle!

Dear Savvy Investor,

Are you sick and tired of searching frantically for weeks to find the perfect fix-n-flip — only to have your offer rejected the minute you submit it?

Inventory is low and as is typical of a seller’s market, wholesalers have plenty of non-investors buying up their flips at 70-75% of ARV! How can a serious investor like yourself compete in such a hostile environment? You can’t…unless you have your own source of proven, profitable projects, already pre-screened and ready to go — at a fair price.

I’m Jeffrey Poston and I’ve been flipping houses and apartments for 30 years. I flip dozens of projects a year in the New Mexico/Arizona area and typically handle 3-4 fix-n-flips at a time — but my supply network is HUGE and I can’t always make room for one more flip.

So what do I do when I find a property that meets all of my criteria, but Pool C is already filled up? Well, I make it available to my HOT LIST of ready-now investors who pounce on these deals like a cougar on a bunny rabbit!

Finding just ONE qualifying project takes more time and effort than most investors can spare — and with inventory so low these days, if you’ve been lucky enough to find one, you’ve probably had your bid tossed aside like a piece of crumpled up trash on the side of the road.

That’s why this HOT LIST is so valuable — and why I’m offering you one of the six spots reserved for my most dedicated investors.

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I’m not going to make this difficult. To get on my HOT LIST, there’s just ONE CONDITION — you must be READY NOW! That means you can show proof of funds and be ready to buy within a week.

These projects don’t last long and investors who can’t close for any reason will be removed from the HOT LIST to make room for investors who CAN close!

Just to recap, my HOTLIST subscribers get notified of PRESCREENED projects that I’ve already found, analyzed and given the green light on. It’s my overflow so to speak. You get ARV comps, rehab estimates and more — and don’t forget, I only approve projects with a projected minimum of $50K in net profit.

If you’re ready-now, put your email address in the form below — you’ll receive instant notification as soon as new wholesale projects are posted.

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